Organic Baby Sweatsuits: This is why we like them so much

When we started to turn the idea about organic clothing for kids into a company, we had a list of reasons why. One of the reasons was the lack of comfortable cotton sweatsuits in the market.

It was easy to find baby sweatsuits from various brands made out of polyester. Back then, I was not an expert in fabrics, but I knew that polyester is plastic. In my opinion there is no worse material to dress your child then in plastic. As a mother I was always looking for clothes that my child would be comfortable in.

In my research I found that clothes often were not made for comfort, but for style only. We believe that clothes for babys should be fun and fashionable, but comfort should be a priority. Since it is made for our little ones who don’t care what they are wearing as long as they are comfortable.

We all have probably seen a baby crying and tossing in a skirt, jumper, tights and bow on a head and parents just don’t see that the child is just uncomfortable.

As cute as dresses with bows, buttons etc. are, small children don’t care about that. These cute, but not very comfortable outfits moms buy for themselves and not for children. It is understandable that we once in a while dress up our babies, but not for day to day life. The truth is that, if we as parents make decisions entirely based on whats best for our children, then many life decisions would look different, including outfit choices.

Comfy cotton sweat jackets and sweat pants are something cute, stylish and a perfect outfit for babies and toddlers, as they learn how to crawl, walk and explore the world. Whether we go to the park, playground, shopping or anywhere, we find that baby sweatsuits or just a simple baby body combined with leggings are the best outfits for babies and toddlers for everyday life.