We love children

According to UNICEF, there are around 153 million orphans in the world and many more children growing up in poor families. Those children in need lack all kinds of indispensable necessities. This fact overwhelms us, and we want to do something about it. FriendFashion from the start has been a company with a mission. When we began to create FriendFashion, we wanted to make sure that giving is an important part of this company. We desired to have a bigger purpose and not to turn our eyes away from those in need.

Our goal is to provide orphans with clothes and more. Every child deserves proper clothes, but this is not where we want to stop. We have big goals in helping children and especially orphans.

FriendFashion gives part of its profit to orphin projects in Africa
Baby wearing donated FriendFashion organic sweatsuit

We gave clothes to children in Africa the first time when the FriendFashion store wasn’t even launched yet. We have been giving along the way and feel called to give more. And we will continue sharing with you what difference your purchase in our store makes in the lives of children in emergency situations.

You are a giver!

We believe that every human is called to help someone who is less fortunate and in need. It is scientifically proven that giving makes us happy! We believe that we all are wired to give and that we all have that desire. Often, we underestimate the power of one kind act. If we all just start with one little act of giving, we will achieve a lot together.

We have big goals to help children in need and especially orphans. And your order helps to achieve those goals.

When you purchase a product from FriendFashion you also partake in giving! When you order from our store, you support our mission to help children and orphans.

FriendFashion is created to give to poor children all over the world
FriendFashion supports development projects in Africa

Current giving projects

Below, you can find an overview over current giving projects. We are always looking for possibilities to help more.

  • Nonprofit organization „You shall Live“ in South Africa: Gives life and hope to orphans as well as babys and toddlers in very difficult circumstances
  • Development project in poor areas and slums in Kenya: Support for toddlers and babies
  • Home for children in emergency situations of the German Child Protection Agency in Essen: This facility takes in children who have experienced and endured traumatizing experiences, such as neglect, physical or sexual abuse
  • CGBnetwork project “Iepriecini Bērna Sirdi” (Delight Child’s Heart) in Latvia: Support of families in need and in emergency situations
FriendFashion's customers are givers because parts of their spendings go to orphanage projects in Africa and Europe
Our mission is to help children in need